Smith River Monsters



As all of you steelhead junkies know, this is the needle in the vain. I am truly blessed to be involved with Joanne’s catch of a lifetime. Fish like this will take advantage of any mistake you make and Joanne reacted flawlessly and so did the equipment. We fooled this fish with a pink fish pill and glow bug yarn, on a Owner ssw #4 needle point hook, drifted behind a mad river mfg mad river drifter, on 12# P Line voltage with P Line CFX 10# leader. The Cousins GTS 79M-1SG not only had the sensitivity to detect the bite, but also had the power to turn this fish with over 100 yards of P-Line out of the Shimano Stradic 4000. 100 yards may be conservative as we were to the end of the line. The great rowing boats that Willie Boats produces gave me the ability to hold in heavy water to get the fish back to a manageable length. I promise you, you can’t go wrong with any of the products I have mentioned and the proof is in this video!!! Watch this fish swim away healthy to spawn and carry on the legend of the Smith River!!! I am truly in awe!! Keep your lines tight!!!

Watch the video of this giant’s release on my Facebook page.

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