New water out of the Trinity River is released into the Klamath

FRIDAY (Klamath) — We started the day on fire today. Unfortunately, all we could hook was jacks and small steelies, but as the day wore on we found a nice group of adults and put it to em! One of them is probably still going up stream. It finally broke off with just a few raps of line on the reel and a whole bunch of pressure. Would have love to seen that one. It’s a long reel in after 160 yards of line spools of in just a few seconds and all you are left with is a dumbfounded look. It’s always the one that got away that you wonder about. Keep your lines tight!!!


THURSDAY (Klamath) — The river started dropping back into shape by mid morning. With the drop came some really nice kings. What I didn’t expect was steelhead. Check out these two dandy hatchery fish. The fishing looks to be good for the weekend.



Fishing the North Coast Column in the

Big kings continue to pour into Klamath; Klamath spit fishery to close Sunday

Guide Mike Coopman reports the Lower Klamath continues to be red hot, with big, adult salmon being caught from top to bottom. He said, “The big push of water arrived on Wednesday, but not even that could slow the bite. The fish are big, and are really aggressive and want to bite. A bunch of jacks showed up this week, which is always fun. The steelhead are still here, though I haven’t heard of many hatchery fish being caught lately. There’s also plenty of half-pounders around.”
Aug 20 014
Aug 21, 2014 009

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