Klamath/Trinity 2013 regulations

The fall Chinook season and regulations start August 15 on the Klamath River and September 1 on the Trinity River. The season ends December 31 for both rivers.

The daily bag limit is 4 Chinook salmon, no more than 3 fish over 22 inches. The possession limit is 12 Chinook salmon, no more than 9 over 22 inches. If the quota of 40,006 adult fall Chinook is met, then the previous bag and possession limits apply to “jack” salmon less than 22 inches, i.e. 4 jacks per day and 12 jacks in possession.

Lower Klamath

There’s a pretty good morning bite happening on the Klamath right now reports Mike Coopman of Mike Coopman’s Guide Service. “It definitely gets tougher when the sun hits the water. Boat pressure has also affected the bite, when there’s not a lot of boats, they’ll bite a little longer. We’re landing predominately steelhead right now, but I’ve been averaging one adult king and a couple jacks per trip,” Coopman added. — Excerpt taken from Fishing the North Coast


Photo Caption: Here is Matt and his first ever Steelhead on the Klamath. The bite has been decent early in the day, but letting up as soon as the light hits the water. I hear there have been a lot of fish in the estuary, so maybe some new ones are on the way.

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